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2009: An Online Scheduling Odyssey

Mark Demicoli  21 April 2009 08:04:39 PM

About 2 and a half years ago, we here at embarked on a project to revolutionise the way in which people make appointments with their service providers.  If people can buy pencils online we figured, why can't they buy a massage or a dental treatment online?  So with a handful of outdated computers and a ration of coke-bottle spectacles, the journey began.

The battle to wrestle people away from their old paper-diary habits has proven a tough one.  While the idea may be great, technology, education, and cyber-fear itself do have a part to play in slowing down the services revolution.

We've decided to throw down the gauntlet in this posting and get some discussion going about how 'fabulous' or not the switch can be.  What your clients love and hate, and what you dearly wish we'd change to make your life easier.

Image:2009: An Online Scheduling Odyssey

Arthur C Clarke, in his classic 2001: A Space Odyssey believed that computers would be chauffeuring us around between stars, at least by now.  In 2009, shouldn't they be at least doing a little secretarial work??

So, it's over to you.  What is the real story in reality world out there?  Has this humble little service made a difference to your life?  What have your clients had to say?