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Custom Forms, coming next week!

Mark Demicoli  5 May 2011 11:17:23 AM
We couldn't keep it secret any longer because we're very excited about this new feature.

It's been a long time coming and we have quite a big list of customers that have requested it.

Intake forms, as you may well know, streamline the process of inducting new clients into your services, and keeping track of various information.

The new feature will allow you to create any number of forms with Yes/No and free-text questions.  Such forms can be of a general nature, or specific to certain service(s) or location(s).

As you might expect if you've been using ClickBook for a while, all the smarts are taken care of behind the scenes.  ClickBook will request clients to complete relevant forms, and enforce certain forms if you deem them mandatory, before they are able to make a booking.  Ofcourse, this latter feature is optional.

Accurate, complete records.

An additional option allows you to keep older versions of forms if the client changes details in one of their forms.

It's time to start thinking NOW about how you can simplify your interactions by capturing as much information as possible before your client steps up.  In the week ahead, we will provide a simple tutorial on how to get started.