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    Get yer Scheduler on!

    Mark Demicoli  31 July 2010 11:50:34 PM

    What we are seeing is totally unprecedented.  For hundreds if not thousands of years, we took for granted the normal social process of acquiring services.  If you needed new horse shoes for your trusty (if not smelly) 4-legged utility vehicle, you would pop down to your blacksmith on the way back from the market and place your order (yes, not so long ago we drove around on horses).  In the last century, it became a 100 times more convenient to book your services, as the telephone became commonplace.

    In the last 15 years, the process of booking flights and hotels has transformed as well.  Once upon a time, your travel agent was the bee's-knees in terms of all the information and commerce you needed to get you to Africa and back.  My, how that's changed?  Anyone been to

    Is tradition dead?  We don't know.  But we do know that standard, boring procedures are becoming the new thing to take for granted, in the form of automated internet services.

    You guessed it,  we're talking about ClickBook and online scheduling.

    If you are reading this, and it appears that you are, you are likely to be at the leading-edge of the new trend.  That's right, you're a 'maven' !!  Go and tell your friends.

    In our effort to bring you the best in this new trend, we hope that your new online scheduling tool has changed the way you work, and hopefully, your life is somewhat easier, please comment!

    The diatribe aside, we want to use this blog post to inform you of a neat new feature.  If you check your preferences in the Advanced Settings section, you will see a new option called "Vet new Clients", which gives you a new option to confirm the veracity of new clients that come from the internet.  Let us know what you think.

    There are a heap of new features coming soon.  If you thought ClickBook was already cool, wait `till you see what we're working on!  Now. get away from your telephone, and focus on your work!


    1Marinus Klopper  03/08/10 4:39:03 PM  Golf Teacher

    I have just started using the on-line booking service. It works a treat. I receive all booking strait through e-mail as I live in South Africa, but still get the em-ail send to my phone within minutes. As a golf coach it is nice to have such a reliable tool. Thanx!! Marinus Klopper

    2Cheryl Gentry Jones  02/08/10 1:43:13 PM  Love the program however;

    I have been using ClickBook for 2 years. Anything to simplify the office side of my massage business is a blessing. I would, however love for customer service and tech support to improve. I have asked many questions and I never get answers. When communications improves the program and company will be AWSOME. Thanks, Cheryl Gentry-Jones, LMT

    3Renae Grimes-Avery  02/08/10 1:26:47 PM  One small click for my client, one HUGE leap for my massage pratice!

    Smooth as silk! My clients have embraced the ease of scheduling their own appointments at their convenience 24/7/365. I was nervous about the change, but have been impressed from day one with Clickbook. Your service has made my business run smoother and feel like I'm staying ahead of the pack with making online booking available to my clients. The time I've saved being free from reminder calls alone is wonderful. Many thanks!

    4Jenny Lott  02/08/10 9:45:32 AM  comment

    My phone doesnt ring so much.. thats a great thing.. i'm usually in my room massaging, so I can't answer it. my new clients now have a couple of options for booking themselves on, they are in control of the process at their leisure without having to think on the spot. and if they cant work it out (some just can't) they can ring too! I love what this system has done to streamlining my business. Thanks Mark and your team!

    5Sharon Baker  01/08/10 1:03:10 PM  Makes my scheduling process a snap!

    My customers can go directly to my website and schedule their own appointment! They love it and I love it!!