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Location... Location... Location

Mark Demicoli  23 August 2009 09:22:14 PM

In our last upgrade, we introduced the ability to create additional locations and assign services to these locations.  Thanks to all the great feedback we've been receiving, we've continued to refine this feature to make the system as a whole more usable.

Where appropriate, Location selectors have been added, allowing you to easily filter or switch between one location and another.  Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Praise? :)

Public Services Page

Image:Location... Location... Location

Standard Services Panel

Image:Location... Location... Location

Appointment Sheet

Image:Location... Location... Location

Staff / Resource Services Provided Selector

Image:Location... Location... Location

Service Administration

Image:Location... Location... Location


1Mark Shukhman MD  22/07/13 3:26:52 PM  how do i remove a location?

cannot find a way to remove a location. Can you please help?

also, is there any way to see the schedule for multiple locations back to back on the calendar view?

thank you.

your thankful user for many years

2Mark Demicoli  05/09/09 11:21:57 AM  Locations

@3: Susan, I noted that you currently do not have multiple locations set up. When you add locations, ClickBook will automatically guide clients through the process by first prompting to select a location. I suggest you create your locations first, then create services for each location, then test the process from the client perspective. Locations can be added by selecting "Manage Locations" in the Company Details tab.

@4: Karey, I think what you're saying is that you want to be able to select which Location the appointment list in the middle shows? (Currently, this list shows all appointments for the day).

3Karey Kumli  05/09/09 7:05:09 AM  Location

When a client goes to Standard Services on the calendar page, and selects a location, the calendar in the middle of the page is stuck at the former location. This is misleading, as the client feels they've already instructed Clickbook as to where they want to be. So many of my clients will stop at a point like this and leave me a voice message rather than trying to figure out why the wrong location or days show.

We generally work from the general to the specific, so first we want to see what days are available at our location. Then we want to select a treatment and find a time. When we've made a selection of any type, it should be acknowledged by the program right away.

Thanks for the great job at keeping up with us!

4Susan Brown  26/08/09 1:16:00 AM  Scheduling

I've decided to schedule all appointments myself for now. The purpose is, it must be correct. As I am a new student of clickbook,(which I looked over two other programs and decided this one had what I needed),My concern as a massage therapist with 3 locations, and possible 4th soon to add, I need my clients to be able to easily set exact locations and services. The key word is "easily". I am patient. And I want to try it out before I open it up to the public. How can I do this?

5Martin Massage Therapist  25/08/09 11:41:15 AM  Using existing services for new location

Hi, This definitely seems easier to navigate, some good improvements.

My only suggestion is, I already have all my services set up for one location. When I add a new Location, I have to create the services again. Why can't I up-date the existing services and just add a 2nd location? Same as how I select the practitioner, I would select the locations for each service?

6Brandilyn Ferguson  25/08/09 12:42:06 AM  Untitled

My clients for a while have not been receiving my location when I confirm them.