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ClickBook for Classes and Group Sessions

Mark Demicoli  20 March 2009 05:05:03 PM

ClickBook can easily handle class bookings, as we've recently discovered thanks to a creative discourse I recently had with accomplished American cyclist Kevin Livingston, 6 time Tour de France Rider and US National Champion.

Image:ClickBook for Classes and Group Sessions

Pedal Hard's 8-seat Computrainer daily training classes inspired us to think outside the box.  The solution turned out to be surprisingly simple.  By setting up each class position as a staff member, CickBook will fill your class without having you lift a finger.  Learn how.

1Mark Demicoli  19/04/09 6:14:38 PM  ClickBook for Classes and Group Sessions

@Tamirra: excellent idea! We will include this in a future release.

2Tamirra  18/04/09 1:06:18 AM  Pedal Hard cancellations

Hi Mark,

I'm one of Kevin Livingston's athletes who makes regular use of his ClickBook service. I can see it makes things much easier for him.

I like that I can send a message to him when I set up a class. Is there a way to send him a message via the cancellation box if I have to cancel a class?



3Wanda Carroll  21/03/09 5:25:18 AM  ClickBook for Classes and Group Sessions

Wonderful idea. This would probably also work for the World Massage Festival. I will be sure and tell them about it.