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Schools and Colleges discover ClickBook for Parent-Teacher meetings.

Mark Demicoli  17 March 2009 01:53:16 AM

Melbourne, Australia: Mount Lilydale Mercy College today kicked off automated appointment taking for their seasonal parent-teacher meetings.  With over 100 staff, taking appointments for the 10 minute speed-meetings is a laborious task.  A perfect chore for ClickBook, however.  In their first day of operation, Mount Lilydale handed the reigns to ClickBook and took over 1600 appointments in the first day!  This is by far the biggest volume we've had from a single organisation and proves the true versatility of ClickBook.

A hop skip n' a jump to New Jersey USA, Eastampton Community School have just concluded their parent-teacher conferences with great success.  The Administrator, Joseph De Julius had the following to say:

Everything went great! In fact, it was even better than we expected. Here are some stats:

Grade K-4 5-8 K-8 K-8 %
Online 129 73 202 60%
Telephone 72 61 133 40%
Total 201 134 335  

As you can see, many more parents used the online system to book their conferences. In fact, ClickBook saved our receptionists 202 phone calls. From an administrative perspective, that is AWESOME! As I said, I'll have more information for you after our debriefing meeting this week. We are expecting 10-12 inches of snow tonight, so it will most likely be postponed for later in the week.

Being based in Melbourne, we hadn't figured snow into our business model.  It's just fortunate that ClickBook works in all weather conditions. :)

Image:Schools and Colleges discover ClickBook for Parent-Teacher meetings.


1Online appointment scheduling  15/09/09 2:48:41 AM  Online appointment scheduling

There are so many ways to develop scheduling for a business. Why not use scheduling software that creates so many easy avenues to help. What if you wanted to make sure that you didn’t schedule your machine with another technician at the same time as another one needed it? There are so many things that can get crossed up when scheduling is concerned.

2Reno Theuma  20/03/09 7:34:34 PM  Schools and Colleges discover ClickBook for Parent-Teacher meetings.

What a blessing!!! No lengthy discussions with the overworked receptionist. How did we live without ClickBook before now ?

Congratulations ClickBook