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Mobile Locations

Mark Demicoli  11 November 2009 11:23:14 AM
ClickBook now collects customer address details for services that are marked as being "Client Site / Mobile".

The Client Address for such bookings is included in all notifications, reminders and calendar feeds (iCal).

Custom location can also be marked to collect the Client Address.  This feature allows more flexibility for service providers that offer mobile services in different districts depending on the day. In order to achieve this, you must create multiple custom locations with names that are appropriate to the district (eg. "Melbourne Metropolitan Area" and "Mornington Peninsula").  Then, instead of selecting "Customer Site/Mobile" in the service locations, you select the appropriate custom locations.

As with other details in Client Files, when Clients update address details in their profiles, address details are also updated in your Client Files.

In the Weekly Availability preferences, it's important to select the "+Mobile" tickbox on days that you wish to provide Mobile services.

1Tracy Clarke  27/02/10 9:38:23 AM  Untitled

hi, just claryfying that with this new address feature. i thought the address of the client was suppose to included in all email and sms notifications to the staff it is assigned to. at this stage, this is not happening for me, and the address that shows is still our address not the customers. it would be great if it was the customers address as we are a driving school and this is important info for us. cheers tracy

2Mark Demicoli  13/11/09 10:13:50 PM  Locations

Tracey, glad you figured it out. Admittedly, it has become so sophisticated that it's not always obvious how everything fits in together. We're looking at ways to make this all easier.

3Tracy Clarke  13/11/09 8:58:43 PM  Untitled

i think i worked it out. it just wouldn't let me do it for the primary location. so I just had to think out the square and I believe I have got it to work now. I am so happy now that it has this function. all we do is customer locations as we are a driving school so it was imperative. thanks

4Tracy Clarke  13/11/09 5:53:45 PM  help

i have been waiting for this, but i don't understand how i get it to work. i already have two locations, and every instructor I have are allocated to a location and also checked mobile. but even with this, the client is not asked for their address or is it provided on notifications etc. can you maybe go through it again with some pics to show how yo activate this option. as i can't get it to work yet. thanks tracy

5Evelyn Walker  11/11/09 11:40:23 PM  Untitled

Great. Thanks so much for adding this feature. It's really useful for those of us who do house calls.