The official weblog of ClickBook streamlines the process of appointment scheduling for small business, schools and other organisations. For technical updates please visit the Technical Blog. ranked 71 in Australia’s Smart 100

    Mark Demicoli  8 May 2009 11:49:43 AM

    Leading business magazine Australian Anthill and global market research leader Colmar Brunton joined forces to create the ‘Smart 100’, Australia’s largest and most democratic innovation awards. The Awards process spanned over six months and harnessed the power of 1,600 'mavens' identified by Colmar Brunton to judge the 861 products entered. ranked 71 in Australia’s Smart 100

    “The SMART 100 aims to bring a greater commercial focus to the concept of innovation, returning ownership of the principles surrounding this important word to the private sector,” said James Tuckerman, Founder and Publisher of Anthill Magazine and founder of the ‘SMART 100’ Index. “Most awards rely on the expertise of a select few. The inaugural ‘SMART 100’ employed the knowledge and opinions of over 1,600 ‘maven’ judges."

    We're extremely pleased to be listed among such esteemed businesses.  This sort of recognition really spurs us on, and we'd be stupid not to recognise that our customers have had a lot to do with shaping ClickBook.  So cheers to you!

    For the full listing and more details on the judging process, visit

    1Arthur K  26/08/09 4:42:28 PM  Top 100 Award

    Congratulations on your award/result. This looks like a great service for small businesses.