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Discounting your services? Spread out your discount and avoid a flood.

Mark Demicoli  8 October 2011 01:14:33 AM
I recently had a question regarding discounted services, and how there is a tendency for coupon holders (ie purchases via Groupon et al) to flood your ClickBook.  While this may sound good on face value, experienced customers of ours don't recommend it.

The  danger is two-fold:

1.  Concentrated period of lower cash flow with sometimes devastating ramifications;
2.  Your prized, regular customers become alienated because they can never find available time as conveniently as they had come to expect.

You can avoid this issue by segregating certain days or parts of days for discounted services.

To do this, you must create your discounted services separate to your standard ones and place them in their own service category, such as "Groupon Massages" if you're a massage therapist.

What we want to do now is segregate the availability for the discounted services.  To do this, first make sure that no staff are selected as offering these services, as we are going to manage this from the TimeBlock function.  Go to the Services tab, and check each of your newly created services to make sure no staff are selected.  Alternately you can go into each staff member's profile and un-check all of the special discount services.

Finally, we want to expose the discounted services for particular days and / or time ranges.  Lets say Mondays only for this example.  Create a new Available TimeBlock and assign date & duration appropriately - in this case it will be the first forthcoming Monday.   In the Services section, select the discounted services.  Save the TimeBlock and test it out using the Standard Services panel.  If everything looks OK, you can repeat the TimeBlock so that it falls on each Monday.

Easy peasey?  Well, fairly so.
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