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New Features and Updates coming to ClickBook this month!

Mark Demicoli  6 June 2009 10:39:05 AM
We are proud to announce that an update to ClickBook will be rolled out before the end of the month.  Once again, almost all features and improvements are a result of direct feedback from our customers, so thanks for your help.  More details will be provided in the next couple of weeks including how to prepare for the forthcoming updates and outage details.  Stay tuned!

The forthcoming update includes:

* Ability to export Client Files for backup
* The Client File 'Notepad' now allows multiple notes, sorted by date, and notes can be marked as 'important' (see screenshots).
* "All Day" checkbox in booking form (see screenshots).
* Easier selection of Start Time & End Time using a single box (see screenshots).
* Ability to create multiple address locations in a single profile (see screenshots).
* The previously removed iCal attachment in booking confirmation screens and emails is back after popular demand.
* Ability to hide profiles from Public Services Page.
* Appointment Start Interval now supports 10 minute and 45 minute interval
* Client File details are now all updatable regardless of whether the client is 'self registered' (see screenshots).
* Clients can now change their email addresses.
* Appointment History items are now links for easy access from the Client File.

Client Files

All details are now editable in 'locked' or 'self registered' Client Files.  When a client updates their profile, you have the opportunity to accept all or some of the detail changes.  You can also set ClickBook to automatically update your Client Files.

Image:New Features and Updates coming to ClickBook this month!

The Notepad feature has been updated to allow multiple individual entries, and allows you to mark notes as 'Important'.  File Notes are also now displayed when a staff member selects a client for an appointment, so that important information from previous visits can be relayed more effectively.

Image:New Features and Updates coming to ClickBook this month!

Multiple Locations

That's right! ClickBook (finally) supports multiple address locations in a single profile.

Image:New Features and Updates coming to ClickBook this month!

Booking Form

Simpler, 1-clicks selection of Start & End times, and "All Day" box.

Image:New Features and Updates coming to ClickBook this month!

1Karey Kumli  13/12/10 2:26:41 PM  Export client list

Hi Mark, all these great ideas and little snafus but you keep plugging along, thanks so much! I would like to export client files so I can put their previous massages and session notes into Excel to track their progress. I see you were working on this last June, hmmm... let me know if this new feature will be available soon, otherwise I'll have to do it manually. Thanks!

2Steph  25/10/10 6:12:12 PM  Group Sessions

I am trying to set up ClickBook for a group networking event. I have 12 set appointments available of 10 minutes each over a 2 hour perios and 48 available suppliers!

I think I need to set up 48 staff members but is there any way I can use the same (my) email address for each 'staff member/supplier"? As I obviously want all the appointments to come to me so I can coordinate.

I read somewhere where someone did this for aroudn 70 people so was wondering how this was done - I imagine he did not have 70 email addresses!

If anyone can help I would be forever grateful!

3Samantha Anderson  04/08/09 10:52:28 AM  "Rescheduled"

Will you be implementing a link to Reschedule appointments for clients who have cancel & want to reschedule?

4Samantha Anderson  04/08/09 10:49:46 AM  Untitled

5appointment scheduler  04/07/09 7:26:11 PM  csg

that's really a fantastic post ! ! added to my favourite blogs list..

6appointment scheduler  04/07/09 7:24:03 PM  csg

that's really a fantastic post ! ! added to my favourite blogs list..

7Diane Nouchi  28/06/09 7:36:55 PM  Payment & Multiple treatments booking

Hello from Ireland !

I really like the system. As i am often out and about, i have the ability to see what treatments my staff are booked for.

But ....

There are 2 littles points i would to see improved in the near futur :

1. the ability for a client to book numerous treatments at once,

2. be able to pay online ( via paypal ).

I am also looking forward to see your new features soon.

Thanks !


8Denise Cagle LMT  27/06/09 9:21:54 AM  Multiple Locations

hello Michael..

when will this feature be available? when will i be notified ....thanks.

9Karey Kumli  17/06/09 5:22:49 AM  A pair of clients at one email address

Hi! I love your site. I wonder how often this happens to other clients, though...

I have 3 couples who are elderly, in each pair one is computer literate and the other can't be bothered. So, they have a single email. Mind you, it's the older folks who arrive early, and they really appreciate the email reminder before the appointment!

Clickbook won't let me list two people on an email. So here's my workaround: I've listed their collective first name as "Dick & Jane", so when the reminder arrives they have to look on their calendar to see which of the two has the appointment. I write the correct name in the Notes when I book them, but they can't see that.

If enough other folks are having to do a workaround here, would it make sense to give us an alert rather than a prohibition when we attempt to enter a 2nd person on an already-established email? Thus we could either correct our mistake, or add the 2nd person.



10Michael O Donnell  12/06/09 1:32:29 PM  Ch Ch Changes

The multiple address functionality will be of major benefit to me. I have recently started using several rooms and having 3 profiles can be a bit clunky. Fantastic

11Samantha Anderson  12/06/09 10:45:21 AM  New Changes!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so happy with the list of updates. They will definitely enhance the online scheduling for me and my clients. Looking forward to the ability to also pay at the time of scheduling. I know it is still in the thought process but so was everything else. Thanks again!

12Michelle Gist  10/06/09 7:16:09 AM  Online Payment

I LOVE all the things you're doing with the site. When I'm doing chair massages at various locations, this has come in so handy to let clients schedule their appointments. I was just wondering: might there be a way to let clients pay via credit card when they book the appointment? Some of my clients have asked for that, but when I tried to add Paypal to my website, it was too inconvenient because clients could not add their tips into the amount.

13Breanna Iwaszko  09/06/09 8:13:19 PM  Sounds Great

As always Mark, you do an awesome job of keeping this 'real'. The scheduled changes sound fantastc and well needed. In particular I am excited about the ability to change/confirm client details... this will make it all much more user friendly for me and my clients!

I also would love to get the mobile device thing happening - I take a lot of bookings directly when I'm on the road and spend quite a few anxious hours hoping that I can get to clickbook from a 'landline connection' before someone books the same appointment online. So far I've been lucky....

Keep up the great work Mark. Cheers!

14Cara Wirt  09/06/09 4:31:39 AM  Untitled

The new features sound great! The only further thing that I can't figure out is why I don't get an e-mail notification when my other therapist gets a cancellation? I get a notice when she makes an appointment, but not when she gets a cancellation... As the administrator this is inconvenient. Also, for some reason I do get an e-mail when I cancel an appointment for my other therapist, which seems backward to me but maybe my settings are off... Any ideas?

15Felicia Mason  09/06/09 3:14:15 AM  Thanks again

Love all of the new changes! Clickbook is truly awesome!!! My clients and I love Clickbook. Yet, I can't wait for the Blackberry capability. I live by my blackberry and since I'm always on Clickbook it would great to be able to access it that way.

Mark you are the best! Always quick to respond to any question or issue that I have!


16Alynne DeHart  07/06/09 5:06:19 AM  Thanks for all the input

Thanks for the input....I just got a blackberry reason only to be able to book and check bookings away from now I guess I have to ask if the iphone is going to be the one to soon and should I return my blackberry before the 30 day trial and switch so I am not stuck with this dilema???

Thanks and I do absoulutely love Clickbooks!


17Denise Cagle LMT  06/06/09 10:37:32 PM  Multiple Locations

THANK YOU...THANK YOU !! As a Massage Therapist we often work out of multiple locations...and I desperately need this additional THANK YOU...THANK you ! I love this Website..and have been telling all my MT's about it !! Thank you !!

18Lesley Tompson  06/06/09 2:42:54 PM  Untitled

Hi Mark,

Is there any way to at least sync to a mobile device? I am having no end of trouble. I have a laptop with vista and outlook 2003, and PDA is an O2 xda atom.

Seems you don't support syncing with outlook 2003, so I am sync'd to the windows calendar on vista, but then windows calendar can't sync with the O2 atom via the windows mobile device manager. Very frustrating...

19Mark Demicoli  06/06/09 12:21:49 PM  ClickBook and Mobile devices

@2 & 3: Officially, we do not support ClickBook on mobile devices however we do have plans to change this.

The main reason that ClickBook doesn't work well or at all on many mobile devices is because of it's complexity, and the half-baked browsers that are currently available in most mobile devices.

The iPhone has come close to a full 'mobile internet' explerience to date, but still has some shortcomings. We're certain however that mobile internet browsers will improve quickly. At the moment, it's looking like the new iPhone due out soon will be a promising candidate for our first fully supported mobile device.

20Karen  06/06/09 12:15:23 PM  booking from blackberry

I agree with alynne, it would be great if clickbook were accessable from my blackberry! Much easier than lugging around the laptop or having to wait in line for the salon desktop.

Hey but at least we know when someone books with us in an instant! Its fantastic!!! Great work!

Love all the new changes.

21alynne  06/06/09 11:49:22 AM  help

I love all the new adds but I still cannot get on the site on my blackberry to schedule peole when Iam away from the salon. Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to do this.

22@rachel_a  06/06/09 11:48:47 AM  Great work!

More reasons to keep using Clickbook - you actually listen and respond! These changes sound awesome - love the ability to change client details!