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Custom Forms, coming next week!

Mark Demicoli  5 May 2011 11:17:23 AM
We couldn't keep it secret any longer because we're very excited about this new feature.

It's been a long time coming and we have quite a big list of customers that have requested it.

Intake forms, as you may well know, streamline the process of inducting new clients into your services, and keeping track of various information.

The new feature will allow you to create any number of forms with Yes/No and free-text questions.  Such forms can be of a general nature, or specific to certain service(s) or location(s).

As you might expect if you've been using ClickBook for a while, all the smarts are taken care of behind the scenes.  ClickBook will request clients to complete relevant forms, and enforce certain forms if you deem them mandatory, before they are able to make a booking.  Ofcourse, this latter feature is optional.

Accurate, complete records.

An additional option allows you to keep older versions of forms if the client changes details in one of their forms.

It's time to start thinking NOW about how you can simplify your interactions by capturing as much information as possible before your client steps up.  In the week ahead, we will provide a simple tutorial on how to get started.

1Robin Shope  14/10/11 11:46:29 PM  Custom forma

The form feature was working fine until yesterday. I had a frantic client, worried about losing their apt. due to having an error returned to her email each time she tried to complete the form. Is there an issue that you are aware of that is causing this? I will be looking into it a bit further on my end today when that client arrives.

2Su Ricks-McPherson  31/07/11 9:11:26 PM  Return form info by email?

Is there any way that you can send the form content to an email address as I only accept client booking when I have been able to review their intake form? I often don't have access to a pc, but can see emails on my mobile - it would be great to be able to see the response to the form, then go and click the booking notification to confirm the appointment without having to log on with the PC.

I've tried using a mobile to access my booking centre, but it just doesn't connect.

3Su Ricks-McPherson  31/07/11 9:07:33 PM  Not capturing all the form entries

I designed a client form with 6 questions, but when it was completed only 3 of the responses to questions were returned. I have condensed the questions to make them 2 part so I can collect the info, but I think there is a glitch in the programming.

4Tracy Clarke Assoc MAPS  10/07/11 2:05:56 PM  custom form not working

custom forms not working. Its a complete failure. I would prefer the sign up form to be customizable when clients initially register. As then getting them to complete the custom form after the fact is going to be problamatic even if the function was working properly. I think you need to rethink this feature, as its not a feature if it doesn't work or meet the client needs of functionality.

5Shahram Boroumand  02/07/11 6:48:11 AM  many problems with this program, nobody is responding to my e-mails

Hire people to address all this issues. At least acknowledge you received our e-mails.

6Connie Sirmans ASA  06/06/11 4:45:40 PM  Custom form not submitting - still!

Need this up and running for tax season (July), any ideas when this will happen?

7Sherry Nichols  06/06/11 2:57:04 PM  Custom forms

16 and 17 are nit fixed. I emailed about this problem several days ago but, as with all other emails I have sent for help on issues I've had, I have not gotten a response.

8  05/06/11 7:01:06 PM  Untitled

@2: Interesting idea about customer specific forms.

@3: Neil, have you made the switch? Does ClickBook's custom form feature function sufficiently for your needs?

@14: Ganna, please visit the Communications tab, Client Inviter section.

@15 & 16: Both of these issues have been resolved.

9JoDee Vale  27/05/11 12:48:40 AM  Custom Form submit button not functioning

Thank you for the custom forms! I have already created my intake form. However, when the client tries to complete it, the submit button doesn't do anything. I tried to complete it myself, and this is true.

Should be an easy fix. Thanks so much for your service! You guys rock!

10Lara Rininger  26/05/11 9:06:22 AM  Custom forms

When the client clicks the submit form, nothing happens. So far not impressed with the forms function.

11Ganna Dennis  20/05/11 9:37:46 AM  Content of confirmation e-mails.

When I first set up my account, I created the notes sent out to clients on the confirmation e-mail. I would now like to change these notes but can't seem to find where to do so. Please help. I have e-mailed twice for help and received no responce.

12Ganna Dennis  20/05/11 9:32:19 AM  Content of confirmation emails.

13Ganna Dennis  20/05/11 9:32:19 AM  Content of confirmation emails.

14Mark Demicoli  20/05/11 2:23:20 AM  Delays, Delays.

Apologies for creating such specific expectations, it seems we've had a few delays with this feature. An update regarding this is really close - promise.

15Jody Gristwood  19/05/11 12:39:01 PM  Forms

Has this feature been enabled yet? I can't find a way to customize my forms.

16Miro Hodza  13/05/11 3:20:12 PM  Forms

will it be possible to send out a pdf form for new clients and later email out a link to my sites feedback form?

I would really love that. It means they walk through the door with the form ready and not rushed and then everyone is invited to give me feedback.

17Beauty Presence  13/05/11 11:33:07 AM  Awesome new!

I am so excited to hear the new well done!

In Hair & Beauty business I need to know when is my client' Birthday so I can sent them a gift card or who the best client of the year so I can reward them. Clickbook cannot provide me those information at the moment. Can you take this idea to make it work in clickbook system?

Jade Heinrich

18Margaret Gill  10/05/11 2:49:26 PM  Great news!

Wonderful to see your commitment to ongoing excellence

Is is still possible to add a donation - I'm feeling a bit bad about all the cool stuff you are adding but basically I'm one person operation with a few basic coaching services and most of my people prefer their reminds via email and I have a killer CRM system so the level of service you offer is perfect in the free program - the next step up in pricing is total overkill for me but feel some remuneration is in order.

19Susan Folker  07/05/11 1:15:26 AM  Untitled

awesome! I will now have almost everything in one program. It definitely makes the decision to stay after the price increase for me.

20Kristie Guthrie LPC NCC  06/05/11 2:45:59 AM  New forms

I am so excited! This will save time and cut the cost of paper I use now! Cant wait to see them! I have been beyond thrilled with Clickbook. I give you the credit for building my business so quickly...and sustaining it! Another great product to look forward to!!

21Dominick Dorazio  06/05/11 1:46:24 AM  Untitled

What super awesome news. I already considered Clickbook to be a tremendous value but your team seems to continuously sweeten the pot. Thanks for looking out for and listening to your customers.

22Neil Ingram  05/05/11 5:00:43 PM  Custom forms


This is great news!! Looks like I can finally say goodbye to wufoo for my online forms.. Thanks again for the hard work you put into this great product.

23Mark Shukhman MD  05/05/11 3:04:13 PM  custom forms

the idea about the forms is great. one more step is needed: to make the forms specific to a customer, not only specific to a location or service. I would be glad to give you various uses for this feature. I was dreaming about it for long time.