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Importing Clients into ClickBook

Mark Demicoli  2 August 2009 12:22:21 PM

Yet another must-have feature is now available. (it seems must-have features keep multiplying!  It's going to be a busy few years for the intrepid ClickBook Team).

Yes, you can now import your clients from popular services such as GMail, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook, among others.  To use this feature, select the new "Import" link on your Client List pane.

Image:Importing Clients into ClickBook         Image:Importing Clients into ClickBook


1Shelly Getzlaf  03/08/10 4:59:48 AM  Importing service

I understood that you could import some databases for us. We attached a file to you last week and were wondering if you were able to import this information into our account.

2Mark Demicoli  20/08/09 11:09:04 AM  Responses

@3 You can subscribe to your calendar in Outlook 2007. See your Preferences tab (very bottom) for details.

@4 Thanks for that Doug, very useful. As you've insinuated importing/exporting (particularly importing) is extremely important. We're looking to implement as generic a solution as possible here. Stay tuned.

3Doug DeRosa  04/08/09 12:31:00 PM  Importing Clients

This is a great feature to import from an email client. it would also be great to import from a spreadsheet. In comma delimited form which is prevelant to most databases, just about everyone could export from there exsisting software into click book! It would also be a value added feature to export to the same comma delimited formet as well. Comma delimited is used in Quickbooks, Excel, and Access as examples. In addition most businesses do not use the latest and greatest softwares for risk of software glitches. It would be great to have an import and export to or from Outlook 2000 and up in ics or vcs format. Notifications in the form of text messages to our personal cell phones of scheduled appointment reminders would also be helpful as long as there was no charge to do so. All in all great software though!

4Samantha Anderson  04/08/09 10:47:50 AM  Exporting appointments into Outlook 2007

Are there still plans to reincorporate the export to Outlook feature? My clients enjoy the online appointment book but I still use my Outlook. Please advise. Thank you.

5Mark Demicoli  04/08/09 9:48:44 AM  Export Client List

Shirley, the last update included the ability to export your Client List (see Account tab of your Booking Centre), which includes all email addresses, thus allowing you to do mailouts in whatever software you like.

6Shirley L  04/08/09 4:00:25 AM  export?

this is great but still want to email all at once for newsletters etc..... thanks